AyeJay Freez

Born Arbie Glover IV February 11 1993 American recording artist, engineer, songwriter and 1/2 of Finesse Gods (Amun-Ra) AyeJay Freez was always told that he had a gift. As a senior in highschool AyeJay realized (after having won several awards for creative writing as well as several poetry awards) that it was time to put his personality and personal experiences into a new outlet, Hip hop music. After gaining some buzz locally AyeJay would continue to grow his team and garner further notoriety for his versatility as an artist. As a team LGC has gained a strong online following as well as making invaluable connections at SXSW. AyeJay has proven not only to be a talented solo artist but just as talented of a leader, engineer, and performer.  

Huss West

Tanner Raymond Powers aka Huss West one half of Finesse Gods (Anubis) born July 1 1993. A son, father, creator. Looks to push the envelope on the term “Artist” in the musical realm, his sampling and experimentation with different sounds and instruments while staying true to his soulful intentions encourage his listeners to elevate and see the world from their third eye view. (Feel the vibe, and Take Care of Yourself!)

Savi Kilo

Savi - Kilo is a HipHip/Rap artist out of Kansas city MO. Born July 5th 1996 as James Gerone Summers,  Sav has been a fan of music ever since he was a child and It wasn't up until the age of thirteen Sav would move to Kansas were he would began actively pursuing his goal in the music scene recording at local in home studios and attending small time events building himself as an artist, working His way up consuming both knowledge and wisdom from the HipHop/Rap community while accumulating his own formula in the mix to bring a fresh, new sound to the game. Over the years Sav has performed at multiple venues both in & out of his hometown  while recording songs with  notable artist such as  Hi-Rez and T-Rell following his 2017 first full length album release Tripville. Today Sav continues to release and perform music as one of four members, of Legit Clik. 


Trell Of Smoke

‘Trell Of Smoke’ originally from the East coast was born in Norfolk, Va. Due to his mother’s progress throughout her career he was fortunate enough to live in various states (VA, GA, KS, MS). Creating the smoke that trails behind him he played it into his name Trell. Trell of smokes music ranges from higher pitches to low tones filled with soul. When asked how he classified his music Trell responded “I prefer it goes no further than ‘Artist’”